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Make Money Doing It The Easy Way!

~ Are you losing money on a vacant property?
~ Do you want to make more money from your investments?
~ Do you want to turn your vacant property into one of the successful airbnb holiday rentals that will earn you more than what you’re currently getting in rent?

It is achievable. How do we know? Because we’ve done it. We’re 5-Star airbnb Hosts, who’ve made real money by turning our property into accommodation that visitors want to keep returning to. In our ground breaking HOST2GO system, we show you exactly how to do it with easy-to-follow plans and 8 actionable steps that teach you exactly how to recreate this success for yourself. This business system has been developed by us to share our first-hand knowledge with you.
Discover how you can successfully host holiday rentals on airbnb in 8 easy steps using our HOST2GO system; an original Comfort Short Stay product.

Once we saw the results on our own property, we used the lessons taught in this system to manage a variety of different properties. Our methods have enabled us to successfully manage a portfolio of holiday rentals creating financial freedom for our clients and their families. Our clients are using the HOST2GO system in SE Asia, Australia, UK, Spain and USA.

The HOST2GO system will give you all the knowledge you need to host airbnb holiday rentals with confidence, minimising your risk and maximising your income. Still need to know more before purchasing? Find out more about the HOST2GO system.
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Would you love to run your own holiday rentals, but are simply too busy to host?
We also offer a Boutique Host Service. (Limited number, so don’t dilly-dally)
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Become a 5-Star Airbnb Host

We’re travellers who love to look after other people like us.

We love to travel.

Whether it be throughout the beautiful environments of Australia, or to exotic destinations overseas. But, when we travel, we have a few non-negotiables: We want a comfy bed, quality accommodation, and a friendly face to greet us.
And we don’t believe we’re the only ones. Our understanding of what travellers really want has seen us rated as 5-Star airbnb hosts by our guests.

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We know it’s the small things that make all the difference. When we host airbnb rentals, we want our guests to go home with amazing stories about how they were able to see their destination through the eyes of the locals.

Our story with airbnb started from curiosity as well as a burning desire to travel as frequently and cost-effectively as possible. By hosting airbnb holiday rentals, we were able to earn additional income from our investment properties which helped to fund our trips.

We are property lovers. We know how to take a standard property and transform it into a comfortable retreat – somewhere you would want to invite guests to stay.

And our guests love our properties. We’re currently running at 98% occupancy, with an average of 99% conversion rate (from enquiry to confirmed reservation) on airbnb.

In fact, we’ve been able to achieve much higher rental returns with fewer headaches and more control compared to the typical permanent tenancy arrangements through a real estate agent.

What’s the secret to our success?

It’s our HOST2GO System, exclusive to Comfort Short Stay. Everything you need in one easy-to-use package. With our step-by-step system and templates you can make an instant impact on your airbnb listing and improve guest experience, resulting in more bookings and money.

We show you:

  • How to optimise your listing and get to the top of the search page.
  • The pricing and sales formulas you absolutely must know.
  • The strategy and due diligence steps you need to take before listing.
  • How to prepare and present your property to get the highest return.
  • How to outsource your short-stay rental with our system and templates.
  • Effective methods for record keeping and compliance.

We’ve combined our extensive business experience to create this DIY accommodation hosting business system that helps you harness the airbnb platform to build a business for yourself.

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Learn to Host Your Own Airbnb Rental and Make Real Money

We’ll show you how to build your own hosted accommodation business, step-by-step.

We’re 5-star rated airbnb hosts who have built a successful accommodation hosting business. Now we’ve put our knowledge together in a neat, step-by-step business system so that you can learn to host your own holiday rentals, and make real money.

In 8 easy steps, discover how to set up, and manage your own airbnb accommodation using Comfort Stay’s HOST2GO system.

We have first-hand experience successfully establishing a profitable airbnb business and now we want to share that knowledge with you!

Why? Because we believe that our system is so good, absolutely anyone can follow it. We’ve discovered a way to live the best life, by doing something that we love, and we want to fast-track you to success by showing you how to do the same.

Learn to host with confidence by following our guided program so you can better understand how to get your very own accommodation hosting business up and running.

No matter how you learn best, this system will support you as you gain the knowledge you need to build your business. We’ve worked hard to ensure a balance of information delivery so that written content, visual information and practical guides for implementation are integrated for a seamless learning experience.

We’ve condensed over 20 years of business experience into this system which we’ve been developing and refining to achieve results that are consistent, measurable and efficient.

Ready, Set, Go

The 20 Minute Guide to Getting Started on Airbnb Book

The-20-Minute-Guide-to-Getting-Started-on-Airbnb-2D-Cover-webWelcome to the world of Airbnb where every day real estate is now becoming hot property on Airbnb’s short stay holiday rental website.

We’ve written and published a quick guide for busy property owners and home investors who want to cut to the chase and really know what’s involved before listing on Airbnb. This Airbnb book guide is designed to be read in 20 minutes or less and is worth its weight in gold.

Subscribe to our mailing list and you can get this book for free! All you have to do is sign up for the free eBook and you’ll receive an offer within days to obtain a copy of this book for free (we’ll just ask you to cover a small amount for postage and handling).

  • The-3-Step-Formula-for-Airbnb-Success-and-Riches-2D-Cover-webESSENTIAL HANDBOOK – Our trade secrets are all wrapped up into this one easy to reference handbook. Whether you’re a seasoned property investor, home owner or newbie, you’ll find the information in this handbook an indispensable tool. If you’re an aspiring Airbnb host with a listing that is failing to meet your expectations, or if you are new to Airbnb and looking for tips to start your listing, The 3 Step Formula for Airbnb Success & Riches Handbook is for you. The ultimate Airbnb Book.
  • START-UP PACKAGE – Get the start-up pack at our entry price level price. It includes the full HOST2GO business system as an immediate downloadable e-product.
  • GO-GETTER PACKAGE – If you’re a go-getter with enthusiasm and drive and you need everything electronically and in paper copy this is for you! The full HOST2GO business system as an immediate downloadable e-product, a full colour printed HOST2GO business system delivered by courier to your door.

If you’re ready to take the power back into your own hands and would like to learn to host your own successful holiday rentals business you’re in the right place to start.

Boutique Hosting

If you love the idea of DIY hosting, but it’s not really for you, we also offer boutique hosting services for a select number of clients. The number of properties we can take on at any one time is limited, so we select by a process of application.

If you’re interested in our Boutique Host Services, please send us an enquiry .

Make Money Renting Out Your Property on Airbnb

You’ll save time and minimise your risk by learning from us.
5-Star rated airbnb hosts who have ‘been there, done that’.
Our business system has been specifically developed to help you make money renting out your property and build a successful accommodation hosting business. We know it works because it’s what we do every day to create our own success. There is no other product on the market that will give you a solid plan and actionable steps so that you too can make money renting out your property on airbnb or similar websites.

The HOST2GO business system will teach you…

How to set yourself up for success:
  • What’s needed to get started and online within days.
  • How to attain results that are consistent and measurable.
  • How to avoid making costly mistakes.
How to manage your business:
  • How to manage guest enquiries, reservations, expectations and concerns.
  • Secrets to achieving quality customers, high occupancy and high conversion rates.
  • Operational systems to manage your day-to-day activities.
  • Proven formulas, tips, templates and checklists to ensure your success.
  • How to understand the rules and regulations of the hospitality industry and create a safe environment for your guests.
How to become an airbnb superstar:
  • How to set up and manage your own airbnb listing.
  • How to write your advertising material and profile.
  • How to identify an airbnb niche market and monetise it.
  • How to maximise your listing value and get to the ‘top of the search list’.
  • How to become a 5-star rated host and capitalise on the benefits.
  • How to ‘turn on’ and ‘turn off’ your listing without affecting your rating.
  • How to take holidays of your own and still operate an airbnb listing.
  • Where to source products for your listing.
  • The benefits of using airbnb during your property sales campaign.
How to turn a healthy profit:
  • How to legally maximise your tax deductions so that more money ends up back in your pocket (this alone is worth more than the cost of the HOST2GO system!).
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For Property Investors & Home Owners
Secrets Successful Airbnb Hosts Won’t Tell you


Comfort Short Stay Guests Have Their Say.

We’ve established a solid reputation for delivering excellent service to all our guests whenever they come to stay.
Here’s what happy Comfort Short Stay customers have said about us:

  • Trisha was a wonderful host. After spending a week trying to find a hotel that is somewhat on the newish side at a reasonable price (to no avail) I checked out Air bnb and found Trisha. The spot was perfect for a wedding I was attending and the place far exceeded my expectations with breaky and plenty of creature comforts to make me feel at home.
    Jessica Annand
  • Overall, the Como Guest House couldn't have been better for us! Trisha, with her husband Ryan and son, Thomas was a very nice and friendly family who made sure we were well taken care of during our 8 day stay with them! Thank you for making our holiday in Perth a very memorable one for us!
    Benjamin Tan
  • An awesome choice for those who are after clean and spacious short stay accommodation complete with warm hospitality. Trisha has been exceptionally thoughtful and prompt in her response. My extended family, comprising of elderly folks and young kid are full of praises and unanimously agreed that we would book with Trisha again for our next vacation in Perth. Thank you so much, Trisha!
    Joyce Ng
  • We had a wonderful stay at Como Guest House and would highly recommend the place to any family travelling with young children. It had everything we needed and Trisha and Ryan are wonderful hosts! Trisha welcomed us with a box of juicy watermelon (perfect for the warm weather!) and together with her husband Ryan offered us several sleeping options to ensure our 1 year old would be as comfortable as possible. She also recommended the best parks and playgrounds nearby as well as a festival which we managed to catch the day we checked out.
    Vanessa Yong
  • It is the thoughtfulness and personal touch of our hosts which made our stay at Como so delightful. We have been spoilt... How will our next Air b&b compete? Trisha, you have our highest recommendation. Well done. Our grateful thanks.
    Don Haugh
  • Testimonial
    We've been hosting on Airbnb for around 6 months. It's been really hard. But last month we found HOST2GO. It's made hosting on Airbnb much easier and we feel a lot more confident about using Airbnb for our holiday rental properties. It's taken the guess work out of hosting and now we have a lot more spare time to do the things we want to do. Highly recommended!
    Nina & Bob

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In 8 easy steps, discover how to set up, and manage your own airbnb accommodation using Comfort Stay’s HOST2GO system.










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