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Great Airbnb photos are all about capturing the essence of your listing. That’s why anyone who knows anything about Airbnb will tell you that a great picture is worth a thousand words.

Makes perfect sense right? Then why are so many listings missing the mark?

I speak to Airbnb hosts at least twice a week who are disappointed, frustrated and ready to give up because their listing is not performing as they thought it would. I hear complaints about the local economy; fewer travellers visiting their area or (heaven forbid) that there just aren’t enough bookings to go around. Well, I’m here to tell you that these are just poor excuses.

The reason why your listing is not getting enough enquiries, and your conversion rate is poor is directly attributed to your photos and listing content.

Throughout this article, I’m going to talk about your customers. Customers online right now as you read this – sifting through hundreds of listings looking for the right place for their next holiday, business trip or family get-together. We’ll call them ‘guests’ once they book.

Now there’s a bit to get through, but I guarantee it’s well worth the read. Stick with me, and you’ll walk away with some great practical Airbnb Photo Tips.

P.S. There is one Airbnb Photo Tip that is so important I can’t let you miss it. Your first Photo is the most important photo on your listing. It CAN NOT be a photo of a bed… I’ll explain why later….

airbnb photo tips couch


  1. Poor quality photos, often taken using smartphone or iPad that are fuzzy, out of focus, dark, flat and uninteresting.
  2. Incorrect photo sequence means customers won’t book with you because they don’t think your listing will suit them. Your first photo sets the scene and is the most important image on your listing.
  3. Irrelevant photo selection means customers don’t see why they should book with you because they don’t know what they are getting.
  4. Photos that don’t tell a story means customers have no reason to book with you because your listing is not special to them.
  5. Photos chosen based on property features rather than guest benefits means they don’t have any good reason to stay with you because they don’t know what’s in it for them!
airbnb photo mistakes and tips

TOP 5 airbnb photo tips

Airbnb Photo Tip 1: Make your photos count. You have less than 3 seconds to capture your customer’s attention. Customers buy with their hearts and then rationalise the purchase with what’s written in the listing. If you get this combo right, you’ll have a listing with unlimited earning potential.

Airbnb Photo Tip 2: Your Airbnb photos are the only visual marketing tool you have on to advertise your listing and make it stand out.

Airbnb Photo Tip 3: When you use professional photos, your guests will see your property and everything it offers. The investment will repay itself repeatedly.

Airbnb Photo Tip 4: Selecting the right photos and the correct sequence to display them will attract the right types of guests. Guests you want which means you will have less ‘declined’ reservations and a better host status.

Airbnb Photo Tip 5: Re-sequencing your photos is free, quick and easy to do. You will know within days whether the sequence is working for your listing because traffic and enquiries will increase dramatically.

airbnb photo top 5 tips


Believe it or not, some Airbnb Hosts don’t realise that poor photos can seriously harm their listings performance. Customers will simply skim over a listing with poor photos because it just won’t appeal to them. This means lost revenue and more vacancies. We see this in listings every day at Comfort Short Stay.

Here are a few surprising Facts About Guest Behaviour that may get you thinking twice about your listing.

Fact 1 Airbnb Photo Tips: As mentioned above, guests buy with their heart, using the photos to decide. Your photos are extremely powerful tools because they are the first thing they see when scouring the Airbnb website.

Fact 2 Airbnb Photo Tips: You have less than 3 seconds to make a positive first impression. Less than 3 seconds to get customers clicking on your listing to look further and book with you.

Fact 3 Airbnb Photo Tips: Airbnb listings using professional photos rent for more money per night than listings with amateur photos.

Fact 4 Airbnb Photo Tips: You don’t need to have an expensive home, furniture, fixtures or fittings. A well-presented clean, tidy and attractively styled home is just as enticing when the essence of the property is captured in light, bright professional photos.

Fact 5 Airbnb Photo Tips: Airbnb listings with the right photos and correct sequence get bookings faster and for more money because guests are willing to make decisions immediately when it’s all laid out for them.

Fact 6 Airbnb Photo Tips: Guests don’t want to see the bed as the first image, this is boring and so ‘yesterday.’ Follow my exact photo sequence formula below to grab guests’ attention, so they book immediately.

Fact 7 Airbnb Photo Tips: Guests get bored quickly. They don’t need a listing with 30 photos (think family photo album). There is a specific number of photos that give guests exactly the right information to make an informed, prompt decision to book. If you have lots (30) of photo’s this will bamboozle 98% of guests which means they won’t book those listings.


Having amazing photo’s in the right sequence is like a highway billboard with: ‘Hey check out my Airbnb listing. It’s just perfect for you. Book with me – you’ll love it here’.

What if I told you there is a tested formula to do just that? Whether you’re targeting families or business travellers I can show you how to choose the best photos and in which sequence to use them to attract the guests most suited to your listing with the Advanced Airbnb Photo Selection formula available here.

When you use the formula you’ll:

  • Get more enquiries, take more bookings and improve rate of conversions.
  • Improve the chances of your listing showing up on the first page of the search results.
  • Crush the competition with standout photos that have guests queuing up to book with you.
  • Once your dates are full – sit back, relax and wait for guests to arrive.
  • Tweak rates and increase as necessary once your listing increases momentum.

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Advanced Photography Selection Course

Do it the easy way. Learn how to select the right photos for your Airbnb listing and which sequence to showcase these online. I use these exact steps for my listings and other Airbnb listings with fantastic results. Following this formula turns dreary properties into cash machines receiving booking requests day and night!

I call it Advanced Airbnb Photo Selection. It’s the difference between having an average listing and a listing that’s set up for success. Link to Course

You can complete this easy to follow online course in 1-2 hours with tips that can be implemented immediately making you hundreds if not thousands of dollars more per year for every listing.

My personal goal is to help as many Airbnb Hosts as possible. I’ve decided to offer the course at a discounted introductory price of $39. You’ll have unlimited access to the course and free access to future upgrades and additional content. But, after the launch, the price will go up, so take advantage of this deal right now.

You’ll discover:

  • What photos work best
  • How to sequence photos using my formula
  • How to make more money from your listing
  • How to select the right images for your niche market
  • How to update your listing online
  • How to describe your listing through photos
  • How to write photo descriptions for each image
  • How many images to use and additional images of nearby places of interest
  • How to access free professional Airbnb photography
  • How to source a suitable independent photographer in your area
  • How to sound like a photo-pro by asking the right questions when working with photographers

And much more.

Advanced Airbnb Photography Goals

The best thing about this course is that it is straight to the point – no fluff. Simply follow the exact steps presented in a short series of videos. You’ll be able to watch it on your desktop PC, smartphone or tablet – no matter where you go.

If you don’t have professional photos already, you’ll also learn how to source these either through Airbnb or an independent photographer. Whether you have one or multiple listings, you’ll be able to use what you learn here and apply it immediately to all properties.

Maximum impact for just a small investment of time and money. Why not?


Don’t underestimate the power of great photos. Check out this recent case study below on how changing photos had a huge impact on this hosts’ listing.

3 Goals for Your Airbnb Listing

  1. To capture the essence of your unique Airbnb listing through photos.
  2. To use your Airbnb photos to attract the right types of guests for your property.
  3. To make money and make your listing as profitable as possible.

It doesn’t matter if you’re Hosting on AirbnbSTAYZ or any other website, use these exact steps to ensure your listing is consistent across all platforms.

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Advanced Photography Selection Course


When Jane (name changed for privacy) first started Hosting online, there were a lot of unknowns and more questions than answers. Jane searched online to find answers, scouring Google and chat forums. After three months of hard work, trial and error two bookings later Jane reached out to me via my website desperately seeking help.

Jane’s listing simply wasn’t performing or meeting expectations. There was something not quite right, and Jane couldn’t figure it out. Lots of enquiries but little conversions. Only two bookings, one of which cancelled.

It was clear that Jane’s listing wasn’t aligned with her objectives and goals. No matter how long Jane waited, it was never going to get any better. However, with Jane’s positive attitude, I knew we would be able to put in place a solution that would result in more enquiries and bookings. I completed a listing health check and put together my recommendation which included:

  1. Refreshing the listing content
  2. Refreshing the photos & sequence
  3. Refreshing the pricing and options

As an Airbnb Coach my objective is to find what’s not working and fine tune the listing. I refresh it online, test and refine. I got to work implementing the changes using the magical formulas, updating listing content, photo selection, and sequences and market appropriate pricing. Once all the agreed changes were made I co-hosted Jane’s listing for the first few weeks to ensure she was comfortable with all aspects of running her Airbnb listing.

The results were shocking and validated (again) that these formulas and methods were extremely effective. Within hours of all changes being made Jane received her first reservation in 3 months. Within 24 hours more enquiries came in thick and fast. After two weeks Jane’s calendar was 75% full for the following two months.


About 3 ½ weeks later I receive a frantic message from Jane.

“Trisha there’s something wrong with my listing, it’s broken. Not working anymore. I’ve not received any bookings for a week or so; I don’t know what’s happening. It’s like bang, bang, bang bookings non-stop then completely stopped, please help me.”

I log on to check the listing. It’s staring me right in the face. Jane had changed the Airbnb photos back to the original sequence she had when we first met. It was time to share some cold hard facts.

“Hi Jane, ok it’s time for hard truths. I’m going to be totally honest with you here because my focus is the outcome, a profitable listing – these are your goals. You’ve totally gone backwards.

You’ve reverted all your photo’s back to your original sequence, you’ve undone the pricing and listing content. That’s why you’re not getting any more bookings. You can’t mess with the formula. You can tweak it, make small changes but to go back to what you had before, which clearly wasn’t working is not going to help you at all.

I’m sorry, but the truth is you’re not going to get any more bookings unless you change it back to what I created for you.”

Luckily Jane was a good sport. Although some of the photo choices I had made for the listing didn’t seem right to her – they actually worked. Guests loved them which naturally led to more bookings and high occupancy. We were able to get the listing back to Comfort Short Stay Listing and Photo Formula and literally within hours’ bookings started coming in again.

Pleased to say it’s been three months since that conversation and Jane’s revenue has increased from $300 for three months to $4200 per month ever since. Bookings are now forecast months in advance and growing daily. Best of all Jane’s receiving lots of positive 5-star reviews. Most commonly noted by guests is that the photos were a true representation and the listing was everything that was promised. And that Jane was an amazing Host. Everyone’s happy. Job done.

What’s that worth to you? I think you would agree that having this information is extremely valuable.

I want to reach as many Airbnb Hosts as possible, but I can’t offer personal coaching to everyone. My question to you is, are you ready to take your listing to the next level and really optimise the photos? If you’re not willing to change then don’t bother with this online course, you’ll just be wasting your money.

But if you’re serious about your Airbnb listing, you want to increase the number of bookings, and you want to start getting better reviews you can’t afford to ignore this. Knowledge is power. It’s right here waiting for you.

To make it more affordable and accessible, I’ve created this short online course for you called Advanced Airbnb Photo Selection. It’s only $39 now in the first month of the launch. After that it will go up. Get in now.

When you complete the course, and you’ve updated your listing why don’t you send me a link via email and I’ll take a look and give you feedback. I’ve tested this formula with my listings and many other listings around the world, and it works. It really works. I always say to my Airbnb Hosts, when you follow the formula, just be prepared for a mountain of new bookings, get your listing ready because it’s about to take off!

Yes, that’s a really nice problem to have!

Get started today with this online course Advanced Airbnb Photo Selection

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