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What is Airbnb SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), how does it work and can it help promote your Airbnb listing? Every day I work with Airbnb Hosts, teaching and sharing the benefits of Airbnb SEO to use on their own listings.

Often Airbnb Hosts are perplexed by the online world, frustrated because their listing is not living up to their expectations. Working together, Airbnb Hosts learn how to promote Airbnb listing to pro-actively increase enquiries, bookings and revenue. The Hosts I’ve worked with and who have followed my exact processes have enjoyed great success with their Airbnb SEO. It’s all about using effective Airbnb SEO which cannot be bought, it is purposefully created and it is priceless.

To really appreciate why Airbnb SEO is so important, you need to understand life without it and how that impacts your Airbnb listing.

Airbnb SEO - how to promote your airbnb listing


Life without Airbnb SEO means that you’ll never know where your listing will show up on the Airbnb search results. It means that your listing can end up on page 10 and you’re never going to be found by Airbnb Guests. You get little or no enquiries, loads of vacancies and minimal revenue.

If you’re an Airbnb Host with multiple listings or you’re offering Host services on behalf of property owners the potential loss is drastically multiplied. Loss of income, enquiries, revenue, profits and commission. But it doesn’t have to be like this. Because, by implementing several precise changes to your listings you can start getting your listing noticed and more profitable – today.

Why does this happen? Most Airbnb Hosts go online, write a listing without giving it much thought. They post it and wait for potential guest to contact them. These Airbnb Hosts end up with guests, some good and some bad. You’ll never know until it’s too late.


I use this analogy a lot to explain how Airbnb SEO works. It’s like hosting a dinner party, without a menu. You go to a supermarket hoping to find ingredients that inspire you. You wait to see if your guests will love it and hopefully it turns out to be a huge success. That’s poor form.

You wouldn’t leave a dinner party to chance, why would you leave your home, investment property or treehouse to chance? The fact is you can’t leave your Airbnb SEO to chance.

Airbnb SEO is all about planning, getting details right from the beginning. You should be using Airbnb SEO to promote your Airbnb listing otherwise you’ll end up not knowing who your guests will be.


When an Airbnb Host uses effective Airbnb SEO for their listings, 7 amazing things happen:

  1. The listing is easily found by anyone (guests, hosts, tourist boards) online at
  2. The listing builds credibility with Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines which means you don’t need to be on the Airbnb website to find the listing. You can simply say: ‘Google it and you’ll find me on page 1’.
  3. The listing attracts the right types of guests, enquiries and bookings. Revenue increases due to easier bookings, better rates and less vacancies.
  4. You can promote your Airbnb listing without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on Google Adwords or advertising.
  5. You’ll be able to leverage the online presence you’ve built. Promote your property using other platforms to continually grow your Airbnb listing as a profitable business venture.
  6. You’ll be in control of how your listing is promoted.
  7. You’ll be able to define your own unique Airbnb experience, establish your personal brand which guests will love you for and want to book with you.

Once Airbnb Hosts understand the concept of Airbnb SEO and how to promote Airbnb listings using these tactics, it becomes very exciting. Discover the foundation of good SEO and what’s needed in my Beginners Guide: How to Promote Your Airbnb Listing.


Are you interested in learning more? Register now to be notified of upcoming events and our Airbnb course “Airbnb SEO & How to Promote Your Airbnb Listing”.


Airbnb SEO is for Airbnb Hosts with more than one listing.

False. Some of the biggest success stories have been Airbnb Hosts with one listing. It doesn’t matter if you have 1 or 100 Airbnb listings. If you want more bookings, better guests and increased revenue, you can benefit from effective Airbnb SEO.

Before I can start using or creating my own Airbnb SEO I will need a website.

False. A website is not important or critical to Airbnb SEO. A website is recommended for Hosts with multiple listings. However, effective results can be obtained without a website by using tools we independently recommend.

I’ve been an Airbnb Host for a few years, everything is fine and Airbnb SEO is not going to help me.

False. We are not here to convince you otherwise. At the end of the day you’re responsible for your own listings success. But if you keep an open mind you’ll discover the many benefits to getting your Airbnb SEO right for existing and new listings.

Is it true that Airbnb SEO is beyond the reach of non-tech Airbnb Hosts?

False. If you follow our step by step processes you will be able improve your Airbnb SEO. Using the techniques we teach you will improve your listings online presence and traffic to your listing. Regardless of your tech experience.

I’ve heard that SEO takes a long time to start working.

False. Any type of SEO takes time to start working. On average, it usually takes around 2-3 months for your listing to be acknowledged by search engines. The good news is that once your listing is optimised for Airbnb SEO you will see the benefits within this short time. And you won’t need to pay for expensive advertising.

Is it true that my Airbnb Listing will need to be optimised for Airbnb SEO, even if I’m an Airbnb Super Host?

False. Yes, the first part of the process is to optimise your listing. I will show you how to do this using specific writing techniques for your Airbnb listing and profile. It doesn’t matter what status you have achieved online with Airbnb. If you want more enquiries, bookings, increased revenue and to attract better guests you cannot ignore Airbnb SEO (or do so at your own peril).


Don’t forget to download my free Airbnb Beginners Guide: How to Promote Your Airbnb Listing
You’ll learn how Airbnb works, what you need to do to get more bookings and better guests with my 3-step formula.


Register now to be notified of upcoming events and our Airbnb course “Airbnb SEO & How to Promote Your Airbnb Listing” [link to lead pages optin]

You’ll learn how to:

  • Use Airbnb SEO for your listing to be found online and get more bookings
  • Promote your Airbnb listing online to increase enquiries using our step by step instructions
  • Get access to free tools to promote your Airbnb listing online to generate traffic
  • Identify what makes good and bad Airbnb SEO and avoid being blacklisted
  • Use our templates that guarantee success regardless of your tech experience
  • Get a 5-star rating and why that’s 100% more important than Super Host for your Airbnb SEO
  • Write a kick butt Airbnb SEO effective Airbnb Listing you can replicate for other websites and promotions
  • And much, much more


Airbnb SEO is for:

  • Airbnb Hosts with multiple or single listings
  • New & existing Airbnb hosts
  • Hosts who are managing listings on behalf of owners
  • Property Managers interested in using Airbnb as a platform to promote properties for short stay rentals
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